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All for the love of pigs

It all started in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Working for PetSmart, I encountered a lot of guinea pig owners who came in with concerns about their furry friends.

Most of the time, though, they needed to find a new home for them.

I had my own two guinea pigs Charlotte and Hadley, and from there we began to grow. Amelia and Minerva joined the mix, then Fianna, then Luna and eventually I had new guinea pigs being surrendered almost weekly!

Pig Hayven was my very first experience with an in-home rescue and taught me a lot about juggling their care, schedule and health conditions.

Now, Brooklyn Guinea Pigs is my chance to spread my knowledge to my new home state. I want to help guinea pig owners feel secure and comfortable surrendering their family members and know they will be getting the very best care here with us!

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